Infiorata~ Flower Festival

The term Infiorata is an Italian word meaning “decorated with flowers.” It is also referred to as a “flower carpet”. Celebrated for many centuries, Infiorata has helped to revitalize and increase vibrancy in many communities throughout the world. People of Kobe, Harumi and other cities in Japan have recognized the beauty of infiorata and have created these stunning mosaics in their respective towns.
For the 2015 Japan Fair, we will be featuring 3 infiorata so the that the community can come together to create a masterpiece! We want children from all over Southern California to experience working as one and to examine and appreciate the beauty of what infiorata has to offer.

Please help us raise funds for this project and to reach our goal of $7,000! You can donate by going to the following GoFundMe link:


Artist: Yasuhiko Fujikawa

Mr. Fujikawa will be coming all the way from Japan to help us create 3 Japanese inspired infiorata.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1964, Yasuhiko graduated from Nihon University College of Art, majoring in theater. Upon graduating, he started his career in producing music for commercials and as an events director. At the age of 39, while researching about worldwide flower festivals, he stumbled upon infiorata. After visiting Italy and experiencing infiorata in person, he was immediately drawn to its magnificence and artistry. Since his encounter, he has studied for many years with infiorata professionals and continues to showcase his artwork. As of today, Yasuhiko has helped in creating more than 160 infiorata worldwide.

*Picture is from a television program called “Jyonetsu Tairiku” that aired in Japan on June 21, 2015.